My love says he will break up with me if I don’t lose weight, girl cries out

My love says he will break up with me if I don't lose weight, girl cries outFrom a female blog reader:

Pls kindly post this and keep me anonymous. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. I’m not a fat fat person but I’m not slim either, I’m just chubby when my boyfriend met me he never complained about my weight, he on the other hand he is slim and tall. Then there was a time I told him I want to start losing weight, but I got tired and stopped exercising, coupled with the fact I’m still a student. So some people started saying I’m getting a bit fatter, then I planned to start going to the gym when I get back to school and all that. I have started watching the food I’m eating too. Then today he came to see me, and he started telling me that it’s no more funny, I need to work on my weight, that his friends are teasing him about him, though he defends me, that if things continue like this he may not be able to withstand it. I’m just surprised. He loves me, that I know and I love him too. I’m also going to start with the gym and diet stuff, but I’m like hope he won’t start losing interest in me because of my weight. I have never been slim. I’m kinda hurt right now and my self esteem is getting kinda low now. And what pains me more is that he said his friends teases him about my chubbiness.