My inlaw want me to put some “respeck” on their names – newlywed lady

My inlaw want me to put some "respeck" on their names - newlywed lady

From a female blog reader:

Good day guys… I need your advice. My mil and fil are both giving me hard times because uncle and aunty issue. Have I dated my husband for 8years before we got married last year Nov,during this period they never made mention of the uncle and aunty issue. Am so close to all my husband siblings, I went to the same university with his immediate younger brother in fact we were in the same department. We all act like brothers and sisters cos we’re all so close and more so am older than all of them. My problem is have been calling them their names for the past 8years and they didn’t bother to tell me then why is it now that we jst got married that they’re giving me options that if I can’t that I can opt out of the marriage cos their family members are complaining the way am addressing them by their name.i was jst dumbfounded cos I don’t know what to say or do my husband is not even helping matters, he was like I have to obey his parents and he repeated the options they gave me. Pls advice me on how to go about it.