My husband’s attitude is driving me nuts – newlywed laments

My husband's attitude is driving me nuts - newlywed laments
From a female blog reader:

Please I need genuine advice.
My marriage of less than a year it eating me up n killing silently,i got married in November 2015 and I got pregnant January this year n since then my husband has not touched me not even a kiss or hug an I keep asking him why he is punishing me and he will say what if he was not in Nigeria and that if I am tired I should pack my things and leave.

He will leave me at home every evenings to come back late at night n I keep seeing his chats with different girls on whatsapp n if I confront him he will never apologize instead he will tell me to leave him alone that he needs to rest n to crown it all this guy doesn’t give me anything I cook from my pocket,take care of myself my pregnancy n even my hospital bills i am now becoming a shadow of myself I am getting depressed I really don’t know what to do n his family are aware of everything and all they keep saying is I should keep praying but for how long will I continue like this I am tire.

I can’t even tell my family because of the love I have for him I hope I am not under a spell please I need u to help me out.