“My husband proudly cheats on me and won’t stop”

"My husband proudly cheats on me and won't stop"

From a female blog reader:

My husband is cheating on me because we leave in a self contain and he said he does not have the chance to be touching me because of our kids.

We moved from a face me I face you to a self contain with our two kids,I must say it has been tough with our love and sexual life because we hardly have sex because of our kids. Even at night am not very comfortable because I scream during love making and my husband too is a crazy shouter,so we are very careful not to wake the kids. Sometimes we pay for a small hotel and have our fun but he is still not satisfied, instead he started sleeping with our next door neighbor. Every night he will claim he is going to watch foot ball and end up in the girls room,not until I found out. He apologized and had the guts to tell me that if we don’t move to a bigger place were he can touch me that he will continue cheating on me. Can you all imagine the rubbish.

Am I suppose to pay the rent for a bigger place or what ? Please how can I tackle this situation ? Allow him to keep cheating or what ? Please I need a way forward .