My husband has no regard for me, woman laments

My husband has no regard for me, woman lamentsFrom a female blog reader:

Gud day my name is Mrs okubanjo nd I hv a story to share will want matured mind to give me advice cos am loosing it. Pls I will want dis to be publish bt nt with my name thank u. Hv been married for d past 6yrs bt hv nt been enjoying it God bless me with 2 adorables a boy nd a girl which my husband adore so much BT me he has no regard for me he talks to me any how he does nt care for me at all. A lot has happened dat I dnt even knw where to start frm. There was a day we were going for a wedding nd my hubby told me 15mins to go dat he will be going with his female friend nd I didn’t even say any thg wen ever he want to call me he call me heyyyyy nd I so much love nd respect him bt gradually grew to fear. For over a month nw he sent me out of his room to the other room which I sleep on d floor with just sm wrapper, he stop eating my food he either go to eatry or cook himself. @ any little thg he shout @ me d worst part of it is wen we hv any quarrel no sex smtimes 4month 6month. I dnt go out, I don’t party I don’t really socialise. I live all my life for him d way he want it to be. I can’t take my children with me to my parent place, it is where he goes with d kids dat is d right place to go bt any where I go is wrong nd I begin to wonder is dis d guy I married 6yrs ago. Hunnnnnn a lot has happened dat can tk me a whole day writing.he makes all d decision without including me d most annoying part of it all he never appreciate me for once or tell me how beautiful I am bt see his chat praising other girls.last week his sister came around nd was talking to him dat she does nt lk d way he is nt taking care of his wife nd said a yoruba proverb (dat dnt u knw dat d meat u leave is Wat a goat will carry) nd his respond was he does nt care if a lion lk he should carry. I felt so hurt nd depress I dnt even knw Wat to do. Two days ago I had an accident with d car nd my hubby could nt even ask if am ok or nt he only came to d station checked d car nd said dis is much nw dat if he want to sell dis car nw he won’t be able to get a gud price cos of d damage nd I was lk God so u re more concern abt d car Dan my life. Plssss I need matured minds to advice me b4 I loose my head