My husband is too proud, doesn’t help in house chores, woman laments

My husband is too proud, doesn't help in house chores, woman laments

From a female blog reader:

We live somewhere in abule Egba, my husband and i are both working class buh He works close to the house, my problem with him is he never wants to help, always ranting abt me being the wife and taking my wifely duties seriously, my hubby will never help u light the gas not to talk of boiling water even when I was heavily pregnant with our son. Okay, we have been having power issues for a while now, buh this tym around no light at all, so yday we ran out of water, when I told my hubby abt it he started screaming “Olub what do u want me to do about it, I want to go to church now, pls go fetch some water cos I wanna wash my car, take my bath, eat and go to church!” Well I responded that he could help fetch the water that he is a man and he is strong and all and he responded that I am mad to even suggest that! That it is not his duty, his father never had to do all these things I suggest he does.
> I am not going to fetch this water ooo , I don’t want my son to grow up to see his father’s irresponsible attitude, I will use my calmness to change his stupid mentality…you guys shud advice, mbok have I done the right thing, how can I fetch water with a nine month old baby.