My husband is sending money to his sidechic, woman cries out

My husband is sending money to his sidechic, woman cries outFrom a female blog reader:

I’ve been married for 2 years now and ve a 1yr old son, last year I was doing a contract job outside the city my hubby lives and only come around weekends. One of those weekends a friend of mine hinted me about a female friend of my husband, she was like do u really trust this girl, I knew she was passing a message across, I confronted my hubby bout her and he said there was nothing, she was his mentee bla. I decided to snoop a lil and found evidence that he was f**king her, I presented the evidence and he broke down cried and pleaded and asked for forgiveness. I forgave and asked him to break all ties with her which he did in my presence; called to tell her, blocked her on all social network platforms.
Yesterday I was using his laptop wen I came across his bank statement and decided to glance and saw that my hubby has been sending money to this girl every month. Did I mention that the contract was for a year and was terminated mid last yr, so I’ve been home with no income of my own and wen I ask hubby for money for upkeep, he doesn’t give. So you can only imagine my shock, I’m so confused ryt now, dunno wat to do