My husband doesn’t want me to work – woman laments

My husband doesn't want me to work - woman laments

From a blog reader:

Hello house am typing in my closet just to know what the house will advice me to do.
Am a married woman with 2kids, married to a man that takes care of me and my children.

My husband doesn’t want me to work(which am not comfortable with)his excuse is I should stay home and take care of the kids which is not a bad idea but now am tired of staying in doors it’s causing a lot of disrespect btw us and I most say am a beautiful woman and u won’t know I have two kids except I tell u. But this disrespect is not funny anymore.i must also mention that am not from a wealthy family.

Now he said he has about 2 million and wants to open a shop for me and give me stuffs to sell(stuffs I don’t know yet)but the problem is he said once he opens the shop I should no longer ask him money for food in the house and some other things that it will now be my responsibility..and we are both gonna sign about this agreement that I must have a target of he opens this shop for me.

Now am scared because I knw ow much food will cost with two kids one is still an infant..that takes cereals do I save for myself or even take care of myself??

Have also asked him to give me 6months to a year to understand whatever business I wanna do and understand my interest then I can start with his target but he has said NO pls what do I do??