My husband doesn’t want me to work, keep friends – woman laments

My husband doesn't want me to work, keep friends - woman lamentsFrom a female blog reader:

I got married late last year and things has been going on well except that my husband is very jealous. Before I got married to him, I was working in a private company in lagos. After our short honeymoon, I decided to resume work . My husband told me to leave my job and stay at home as an house wife , I asked him y? The excuse he gave was that he doesn’t like my boss. I said ok, I decided to leave my job. He goes to work from morning till night and I’m home alone doing nothing. Most times I’m bored and lonely. Last Friday, I decided to hang out with my friends for lunch, I didn’t stay long there, (I didn’t knw he already told d gate man to call him anytime I go out). I received d beatings of my life.He doesn’t want me to have friends, he doesn’t want me to go out (except we go out together) I don’t even go to the market sef. ( I write list of wat we need in d house ) and d gate man will buy them. I’m tired of this kind of life, I have talk to him several times that I wan to work but he said No. What do I do?