“My husband doesn’t apologise even when he’s wrong”

"My husband doesn't apologise even when he's wrong"
A married female NGLatest blog reader needs advice on her unapologetic hubby.

Here’s her story:

My issue may seem simple but it hurts me. I’m married to a very good man.

He is kind and caring but the problem is when he hurts my feelings he doesn’t care to apologize and this hurts me cos I’m the kind of person who likes to talk things out and address issues so as to avoid future occurrence but my hubby won’t say sorry, he just wants to go on like nothing happened even when I’m crying he acts like he doesn’t see me and when I try to sit him down and express my hurt he turns everything around and makes it look like it’s my fault.

I end up apologizing so peace can reign but I feel really hurt and hearing the word ‘sorry’ will really make a difference if I continue like this I’m always gonna be unhappy,he is never gonna care about my feelings. Please what do I do?