My husband cheats without conscience, married woman cries out

 My husband cheats without conscience, married woman cries out
From a female blog reader:

I want to share my story with you but will like to remain anonymous.
I’m a married mum of 3 and my husband is a serial cheater. Though, I never saw that part of him before getting married because he’s a pretender. I got to find out about his escapades shortly after we got married. I confronted him on few occasions, he admitted and went on his knees promising to be faithful. Sometime in dec 2014, I was in bed around 11pm pretending to be asleep, I heard his telephone conversation with a certain lady. I deduced they were seeing each other. Shortly after that, he sneaked out of the house thinking we are fast asleep. About 30minutes after he returned with the lady. I got out out bed and went to see what was happening outside, I caught them having sex in the car outside my compound. I went back to bed, he came in and pretended nothing happened.
I couldn’t sleep and decided to let the cat out of the bag. He almost collapsed when he got to know I found out about them. For 2 straight days I couldn’t sleep.Because for me, it was the height of disrespect.As usual, he begged and sent people to talk to me.for sometime i had this resentment towards him.but as time passes, I let it pass again.
Some days back, I found out he brought some girls to our matrimonial home while I was away with the kids on an important family duty. What the heck! On my matrimonial bed?
Did I forget to mention this same guy once gave me STD and gave me some antibiotics to treat it while I was just some few weeks pregnant(I didn’t even know I was pregnant) which left our first child with a life long medical condition.
Now, I’m pushed to d edge. I’ve been disrespected multiple times. I mean I’ve heard men cheating on their wives but not to the extent of bringing them home.
I don’t blame women who goes to the length of rendering their men impotent and leaves him moving around with an empty dick that will be useless to him. I mean no one tells such men to sit in a place.
Need only matured advise