My husband cheats on me with married women, his exes, others – woman laments

My husband cheats on me with married women, his exes, others - woman laments
From a blog reader in distress:

I have been married for 2 years now and dated my husband for 8 years. We recently started making plans on having kids. My husband was my first man and During this years I have been 100% faithful to him. Mind you I’m a very pretty woman with curves.

My husband is a serial cheat. I have never caught him physically but I have seen his chats, phone calls and videos. I have seen him flirt online. I have seen so much flirty chats with different women on his phone. He will password his phones because he is hiding his acts. But through it all he ask for forgiveness and begs me not to divorce him because he is willing to work on his ways and change.

Recently, I got curious and decided to check his phone because I was suspicious. I was shocked when I saw his chat with a woman where they exchanged nude dick and pussy pictures. He even sent a video were he was mansturbating himself to the woman. Mind you, he is tired everyday when he gets back from work. I also saw series of long phone calls he spends money calling this woman and other women.

Out of anger, I chatted with the lady he was dating through his phone and placed a curse on her.I also placed a curse on him. I am in pains. She first started with insults and demanded my wedding pictures. After proving to her we are married through our pictures, she said my husband told her that we are just dating and having problems. That she was very sorry, and that my husband is a bitch.

More so, I also discovered that he added his ex who is married with 3 kids on what’sapp and still
chatting with her. This is the same husband that told me to delete all the men I was friends with and all. After deleting his ex girlfriends on Facebook, he went on to add them on whatsapp. Furthermore, he has got other ex girlfriends and females he chats and cheats with.

I confronted my husband as usual and he told me the usual pretense about being sorry and blaming the devil.For how long will I forgive, how long will I pray, where is the God that says he will guide and protect his faithful servants? Where is the God that said he will be there and wipe away my tears. I have cried much, prayed much. I am fighting demons I know not of.