“My husband cheated and I did same, now I can’t stop sleeping outside”

"My husband cheated and I did same, now I can't stop sleeping outside"

From a female blog reader:

My husband does not compliment me no matter how beautiful I look, but when other men do he gets angry and sometimes starts to beat me in public when I respond with a smile or say thank you . The one that happened last month was when we went out for a family friends birthday party, I got lots of compliment because I was really looking sexy, my husband was not with me as of then, he went to greet all the family relatives around. Some guy started talking to me and asking me out, I told him I was married but because I was not wearing a wedding ring,since I don’t have we only did traditional marriage, he did not believe me. So we just stood gisting and talking before my husband came along, he did not even ask what or who he was, he dragged me into the rest room and started slapping me and calling me a slut. I tried to explain but instead he went ahead to tell me to go sit in the car until the party was over . I respected myself to avoid public embarrassment. I was in the car for hours not until I decided to go check if the party was over and I saw my husband kissing a girl outside the house, I wanted to confront him but I got so upset. Went into the party hall and looked for that guy that complimented me, dragged him to the ladies , pulled out his belt and gave him a blow job, then he banged me silly without protection. By the time I got out my hubby was looking for me and shouting , I told him I went to poo, so we drove home in one peace . Ever since that day I have been cheating With this guy , please how do I stop ? My hubby is not helping matters, the man is so annoying . Help a cheating wife.