“My hubby is extremely jealous of men around me”

"My hubby is extremely jealous of men around me"

From a female blog reader:

My husband has finish beating everybody around me including my boss in the office . The last time he slept in police cell because I went for a business dinner meeting with some people who we were trying to sign a business deal with,my husband just came from nowhere and started fighting the man, that was how he got arrested . On several occasions my company have giving me a warning Letter. My pain is that he is jobless and I have been carrying the home, so I don’t know why he will want to kill our only source of living .He said I should quit my job that he can’t stand any man trying to steal me away from him. I have tried to talk sense into him but he seem adamant, I have called out pastor into the matter too but he keeps getting worse and almost beat up my Pastor. Sometimes it even baffles me that he has never raised his hands on me. Am tired of the marriage, my job is on the line, and if I loose my job how will we survive when he can’t even provide for me and my both kids, all he is good at is fighting and sex, looking for breast to press and who to finger with is unsatisfied manhood, am really tired and frustrated. I need opinions on how to go about this before I finally make a decision of walking away or holding on. Please I need all your advise on this.