"My girlfriend started acting up because I told her this…"

"My girlfriend started acting up because I told her this..."
From a male blog reader:

I love my girlfriend so much,we are barely a year but has experienced tremendous obstacles, we both for sure loves each other very well,i have gone to their house ,slept for many times,her siblings sees me as their brother,i sacrifice alot for her i can go broke for her to be rich,i can treak for her to bike to lectures just to mention few,now i once told her lie about my biological parents, i told her that my sister and her husband were my dad and mom,which she believed and we were ok,not until my sister posted on watsaap about her 10th year wedding anniversary, she messaged me regarding that notice because she has her number, i still maintained my former explanation that she is my mom,she argued on it and finally believed, but my conscience disturbed me to tell her the truth which i did.I personally told her that i took them as my parents because they have been the people taking care of me right from when i was 12,to me calling them my parents is the greatest compensation which i could give to them for their efforts in my life,even my biological parents accepted this,i stored her number with mumy and also the husband’s with dady,i call them that and it makes them happy,i try explaining this to her but she on hearing this started acting up,giving me strange atitudes and also calling me names and all that,she totally have lost the respect she has for me ,the level of importance she gave to this truth i told her is what is baffling me,she talks to me as if i’m not the guy she claims to love,now i am confused whether to continue with her or not because i know her,even after i apologized she told me she has forgiven me on that same day she had issue with someone which i was advising her that she is meant to have told the person the truth, she immediately fired back at me,calling me names ,that she has seen me that is the best truth teller and she started recalling the issue we had….please friends advise me on how to follow her up because she has personally told me that it will be had for her to forget it and to me i am not gono be ok with her reminding me of it all the time..