“My girlfriend drank poison after I cheated on her”

"My girlfriend drank poison after I cheated on her"From a female blog reader:

I will make is very short because I am typing this right from the hospital. I cheated on my girlfriend after I proposed to her, she found out and attempted her life, I was very lucky to be at home the day she tried it, and she was rushed very quickly the hospital, am very glad the doc said she will be fine, the poison did not get into her system. She is still on drip now and recovering . My problem now is that the girl I cheated with is pregnant for me, I have asked her to abort it but she insisted she will keep it. I am really scared . This one my girl attempted her life for just cheating, what if she finds out am about to have a baby and a baby mama? How do I break the news to her ? Or how do I hide it from her till we get married and maybe have kids, then it might be easy to swallow . Please advise me, I don’t want to hurt her again, I love her but you know this our manhood don’t have direction.