My girlfriend broke up with me because I didn’t give her enough attention, man cries out

My girlfriend broke up with me because I didn't give her enough attention, man cries outFrom a female blog reader:

Hi,(No name).I’ve been dating this girl for two years and exactly 5 months today.Saddest thing happened today,she broke up with me.We’ve been through a break up before (November) and it was all my fault,I created this large communication gap between us because I was trying to deal with personal issues alone(wrong move).Now for the second time she has broken up with me because to her,I don’t care about her.The major issue is because we don’t see often and that’s all my fault because she yearns to see me all the time.The reason for us not seeing often this year was still because of me trying to deal with issues alone(very stupid).
I explained all these issues to her and she didn’t change her mind even a little bit.I was gonna change even before this break up because I just got over my stupid personal issues and she just finished her exams and I really wanted to spoil her a whole lot.All I wish is she could see all the plans I had for her during this holiday,I was gonna make up for everything and make her feel like the adorable queen she is.
We did hang out today and I spent more than 3 hrs trying to convince this girl that I’m done with my shitty misbehaviour and she kept saying on phrase “I’ve made up my mind.” And we should try and move on(which I can’t do).
I love this girl more than anything else.Her fear of taking me back is that,I’ll go back to my shitty behaviour (which I’ve dumped now).
I just really want her to see me in this new way,but I’ll not give up on her even if it takes 6 months 1 yr or even if she dates someone else (which I’ll patiently wait for a break up).I’ll get her back.A human being fights for his/her personal property.I’m doing unimaginable harm to myself,which I won’t disclose.
All I want from whoever reads this are just pieces of advice and tips on how to fight for her.I hope she reads this.