My friend is angry that I’m venturing into her line of business

My friend is angry that I'm venturing into her line of business

From a female blog reader:

My issue is with my friend.It might not be a big thing to some your followers but this means a lot to me.Please I need your candid advice. I’m a graduate of UNIBEN,in my 20’s.Im from a family where you have to hustle and take care of you.My parents are looking up to me.Ive not been able to get a job since I graduated so I decided to go into business,I have my capital and all.The problem now is the only business I’ve seen fit is the same line of business which my friend is in,its lucrative and i have my strategies all laid out.I know it’ll work.I’ve avoided it since last year cause I didn’t want her to think I’m doing it cause of her or something and even when people told me to go into it I gave an excuse that my friend’s doing that.Early this week,i told my friend I was going into the fabric business too and her mood changed. She told me it’s not okay to do what she’s doing cause I’m her friend etc…and I made her know I’m not in to take her shine but make a living too but since then,her attitude towards me has changed drastically.We don’t talk as usual.God knows i have no evil intentions,i just want to start from somewhere.I thought the sky is big enough for everyone to do what they can?I thought we had different grace?She’s made me confused.