“My foolish husband slept with a prominent politician’s wife and think I don’t know”

"My foolish husband slept with a prominent politician's wife and think I don't know"

From a female blog reader:

I really do not want to be typing this but alas , I find myself doing so. I have carried this secret around for weeks now and have thought of nothing else.Where do I start ? My husband has this lady friend ,a married woman with four kids whom I know has a crush on him but I ignored them because I talked till I got tired.At some point , I confronted her but it didnt end well…She is married to a prominent politician , a very rich man that if I call his name here, it will cause a major scandal. She knows he is married with kids ,he knows she is married with kids ..this is just a case of 2 useless people that found themselves in lust..She flew in from Abuja to Imo state this month just to have sex with my useless husband.I am even ashamed of myself for being married to a man that will sleep with another man’s wife ;he does not know the kind of curses he just brought down upon himself. Well , being married to a filthy cheat taught me some things , as soon as I saw the text messages they exchanged discussing the nasty sex they had in a hotel , i simply took screen shots ,her number and face is showing in the texts she cant even deny it.Now , my question is this : I want to forward these screenshots to her husband but
1. Can I live with myself for being the demise of her marriage ? I am 100% sure he will kick her out because her husband has a serious side chic and once he finds out she had sex with my husband , he will take that opportunity to kick her out and bring in his side chic…she deserves it though.
2. What if her husband sends killers to my husband ? Its not impossible oo. you have to think things through before making a decision..he may not know my husband is the culprit but what if her forces his wife and she confesses and points to my husband and the man comes to kill him? I hate my husband but am not quite ready to be a widow,any day I am ready I will kill him myself , nobody will help me with that , I am equal to the task.
The foolish man doesnt even know I know , he has been smiling with me like a goat , am just looking at him.