My fiancee has brought division between me and my father, young man cries out

My fiancee has brought division between me and my father, young man cries outFrom a male blog reader:

Please kindly help me post, am using a friends account. I have dated my fiancee for 4yrs, she is currently 31 and and am 30. The thing is that my mum and sisters are really supporting me, but my father and brothers are totally against me marrying her just because she hails from a different state, even though its same tribe. Non of them had any encounter with her nor knew her from anywhere, but they practically hated her from the moment they heard of her even before seeing her. They believe she is manipulating and pressuring me in to marrying her, and that I cant be able to control her in the near future( even though nobody knws that she seniors me), but I don’t think she is doing so. Cos she always complain that I don’t ever listen nor consider her contributions in most matters, and this is the truth. Note that I knew her for 2years even before finally asking her out, and I proposed to her on my own volition. My brothers( 33 and 35yrs, both single cos they are not yet ready) has really spelt it out for me that they don’t want her in the family but without any meaningful reason, but my mind seems to be made up. I am the youngest son and most successful of them all, 7 digit salary, fleet of cars, comfortable home etc. Havent EVER abandoned nor failed to take care of ANY member of my family including those my brothers whenever there is need or they run to me, shelter clothings, cash etc even though they are working. Have openly narrated everything to my fiancée( which I think I shouldn’t have) but she said she cant walk away, that she is ready to stomach anything they might do to her, worst case is that she will desert herself from them, at least for peace. As far as its me she is going to be living with, that is all she desires, cos every other thing can be handled with time. Trad date has been fixed but my brother are really revoking that they wont attend. I want to know what am likely going to face in future if i end up marrying her, anybody witnessed similar scenario? Since my brothers wont b coming, should I just call my friends and proceed with marrying this lady? Cos i don’t think it will b fair breaking up with her now after 4yrs.