“My fiance keeps in touch with too many female contacts”

"My fiance keeps in touch with too many female contacts"

From a female blog reader:

I want you to help me share this. I got engaged to the Father of my son last year since then things have been going on well. Tho we barely know each other before we got engaged, but I don’t seems to understand somethings about my hubby, he chats with different girls on social media and anytime I talked about it he’s always like there is nothing between them that he’s just catching fun that he loves been social, he will even be D 1 to ask for there Contact. It has gotten to the extent that I don’t even bother myself talking about it. Now am confused cos I don’t know what to do, cos if I shud kip my hands crossed tins might go wrong God forbid. That’s why am seeking out for advice. Thank you