“My fiance is jobless and wants to marry me in poverty”

"My fiance is jobless and wants to marry me in poverty"
From a female blog reader:

Since I met my boyfriend he has been jobless and job hunting, his parents have been supportive but things are getting worse. Even me am just a student and trying to survive with the little my parents gives me. My problem now is that he proposed to me and organized an engagement party in the compound. This compound is a student hostel o, I have my room and he has his too, now he is saying since he has proposed I should move into his room so we can save my own rent when I collect from my parents for our wedding. Please do you all think this can work ? How can you propose to a lady when you don’t have money to marry her ? Should I just dump him and date the married man on my neck? Because I smell suffering in future if I marry my boyfriend.
Advise me