My fellow Nollywood actor sent me stroke – Ernest Asuzu

My fellow Nollywood actor sent me stroke - Ernest Asuzu

Ernest Asuzu is a popular name in the Nigerian movie industry. Coming back from illness and a long period of absence from the big screen, the actor believes that his sickness was man-made. Asuzu said this in an interview with Rita Okoye:

Asked about his return to acting, Ernest replied:

“Nollywood? No! I’m aiming at Hollywood. Nigerian music industry is full of evil. I can’t be part of it; I am a child of God. They almost took my life out of greed and jealousy. I’ll be going to America soon. Over there, I can join Hollywood. I think their lives are simpler and less complicated.
However, on a second thought, I think I can give Nollywood a trial. If I am approached my God-fearing producers, I might give it a trial.

“God in heaven knows that I didn’t do anybody wrong in Nollywood, yet they planned to kill me. A popular move producer, who I don’t want to mention, looked at me at a movie location in Asaba and told me that, that would be my last acting job ever, and he almost made it happen.

“Yes, I was still on set, but two days later, I fell ill. I had no money on me, so I called my wife to send me some money, which she did. A friend later came to my rescue. He managed to put me on a bus back to Lagos. As we got to Lagos, I tried to open the door and disembark but I fell off. The driver and passengers all came to my rescue. They carried me back into the bus and took me home to my wife and brother. When my brother saw me in that critical condition, he shook his head and asked, ‘Ernest, who did this to you?’ I could not respond, I was just staring at him.

“For three days, I was stooling and vomiting; I couldn’t eat. I was taken to the hospital; the doctors diagnosed me and said I was suffering from partial stroke. That was how it all started.”

“I’m perfectly healed, although I limp a bit. I can go to places now without aid. I talk properly now, unlike the way I was talking last year. The prophet prayed for me every day. He was very patient, loving and understanding. He wasn’t satisfied until I was healed completely.

“During my spare time in Warri, I faced my music and did three good albums. I have been in music for a long time. I have always been into music but it was more of rap. But now, I think I want to face it squarely.”