“My family sees me as a disgrace to them”

"My family sees me as a disgrace to them"

From a female blog reader:

Please hide my identity
Please post my story before tomorrow.. Cause I don’t know what will happen to be before then… My birthday is in few days and am not even happy to be alive, at this point I see no purpose of me being alive… My family av lost all trust in me, they are disappointed in me, it all happened some time early this year I took some money from my mother’s account she found out she told every one I apologized and all she makes reference to it and calls me names sometimes .. Few days ago I had something urgent to do with money so I took some from her account And I intended to refund it but she already found out before I could say anything… I swear I haven’t stolen anything from anyone apart from my mom.. But am so ashamed of my self, I can’t even face my siblings, my dad is so disappointed in me I actually feel so bad that I had thoughts of taking my life… Because am such a failure and a disgrace.