My ex is haunting my dreams – blog reader cries out

My ex is haunting my dreams - blog reader cries out
An NGLatest blog reader has recounted how he keeps having dreams of his ex even after parting with her for years.

Hear him and drop your advice, people:

We met in our first year of uni, we fell deeply in love that everyone envied our relationship, her family loved me and vice versa…when we finished uni we served and she got a job while I decided to further my education abroad, during the processing, she broke up with me for no good reason ( I think she met someone) this was after 5 years of dating, I wanted to run mad thank God for family and friends around.. I travelled shortly after still trying to forget her but all to no avail.

After about a year she contacted me we got talking again, one way or the other the feeling started to grow again , so we decided to come back. Everyone was surprised as to why I took her back after what she done to me but I didn’t care.. A few months into the refreshed relationship, we started having issues ( no more trust, my parents didn’t like her again based on what she did to me, and she already had a lot of male friends which I believe she was sleeping a with one of them) so we decided to call it quit, It has been horror for me since then, I dream of her everyday either having sex or fore play, I have tried my best not to have these dreams but all to no avail. I am still single after 2 years of the second breakup.

I have met girls that are smarter and more beautiful than her but still can’t put it together.sincerely I do not want back in the relationship but still don’t know what is pulling me back.. The dreams is my main concern, just this morning I still had another even whilst fasting.. What is happening to me? I do not have anyone to talk to, I think I might go crazy cos the dreams are getting too much, I don’t understand anymore.