My dad supports my music even though he is a pastor – Lil Kesh

My dad supports my music even though he is a pastor - Lil Kesh

During an interview made available to Somtoo Okoye blog during the weekend, “Shoki” crooner Lil Kesh made revelations on how his father gave the go ahead on his “worldly” music career even though he is a clergyman who according to the YAGI record label boss, owns a big church.

According to Lil Kesh,

I have pretty much been around music all my life, and the love for music has gotten me this far. My dad is a pastor and he owns a church. However, it’s not like I made a conscious decision to become an artiste; it grew on me until I knew this was what I wanted to do.

My dad was cool with it. He lets you do whatever you want to do. He feels that whatever his life story is doesn’t have to affect the way his children live their lives. According to what he used to tell me, everybody must live his or her individual stories. He watched me grow from being part of the choir, learning to play drums, and attending music shows. Till now, he gives me all the necessary support and respects my decisions.

Those vulgar songs are basically about me doing my job and he doesn’t interfere. Besides, not all my songs are vulgar. I have recorded songs like Ishe, Semilore and others. However, the ones that go viral are the ones with vulgar lyrics. I understand my markets, and I know the demography I’m directing my music to, which is the youth and adults. I’m a blunt entertainer, but I consider my fans, and always try to give them what they want. But this year, I decided that I’ll feed my fans with more meaningful songs that will inspire them.