My Christian boyfriend got me pregnant and I’m muslim. What should I do?

My Christian boyfriend got me pregnant and I'm muslim. What should I do?

From a female blog reader:

I’m 23yrs old and a medical student in Russia i’ve been dating a ukrainian basketball player for 2yrs now and we are still madly in love he’s 29. Yesterday he told me he has to move to china in may to go play for the season, i really don’t want him to go but i can’t do anything about it cuz that’s his career. Now my question is should i transfer to a medical school in china to be with him? How do i tell or explain this to my parents? They don’t know i’m dating a white guy talkless of me telling them he’s an orthodox christian ( i’m muslim btw and hausa), he keeps asking me when are we getting married! Its frustrating me cuz he thinks it’ll be next year when i’m done with school, his mother isn’t making things easy for me, the lady calls me every week and when she has free time she visits us all the way from poland, i sincerely love her and won’t want to lose my relationship with her if i leave him… should i let him go? Do long distance? Move with him?. This will put a strain on my relationship with my family if i’m not careful but that’s not the worse part of everything, last month we found out i was 6weeks pregnant, Should i keep it? He’s begging me to but i tried explaining to him that african parents don’t see a baby out of wedlock as a blessing talkless of hausa muslim parents, he said if i abort it i’m killing his unborn son/daughter. i feel the universe is trying to mess with me, everything was good and rosy now all of this wants to blow up in my face! Please i need good advice from people who aren’t judgemental pls help me….