“My boyfriend proposed but this made me reject his proposal”

"My boyfriend proposed but this made me reject his proposal"

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I am 21 And My BF 24 Proposed; I Feel That I’m Too Young And It’s Too Soon
Hello Guys, There’s this thing that has been bothering me i would love to share..
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a over a year, now this past Friday. On Friday we went on a night out with few friends… While gisting he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.
I was shocked; we hadn’t discussed being engaged in the immediate future at all. When I didn’t immediately scream “YES!” he deflated and asked me what was wrong, and in the most awkward conversation of my life, I had to tell him that I feel like I’m too young to get engaged and it’s too soon in our relationship, even though I love him very much. He was understandably very depressed and told me that he’d decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and that he thought proposing in the presence of friends would be really romantic. I told him the truth, that I felt nowhere near ready or old enough to consider marriage to anyone yet. He took the ring back and we went back to his house, where I stayed over for the night at his insistence. I tried to have a better conversation about what had happened, but he told me that he didn’t feel like talking about it and that I should just go to sleep.
Around 7 the next morning he shook me awake and started screaming at me, asking me the real reason why I wouldn’t marry him: Did I want to “LovePeddler around” with a bunch of guys? Was he too short? He even asked me if I ever loved him and if that was why I turned him down.. I was pretty offended by everything he was suggesting. He called me soulless for crushing him like that, said that me saying no meant that I didn’t love him. He has not talked or called me since then.
I do too love him; maybe in a couple years I would have said yes without hesitation. I get that I crushed him and I feel guilty.
It is Wise Enough to get early at a Young And Tender Age!!
No insults Pls.. Im a Graduate And i have a well paying Job *Cheers*