My boyfriend loves staying idle – woman laments

My boyfriend loves staying idle - woman laments

From a female blog reader:

Let me start by saying you are doing a great job,God bless you.

I met my boyfriend last year @ a pharmacy around my area I just finished school then and he just got back from the state where he did his bsc and masters too in chemical engineering, up till now my boyfriend hasn’t started working cos he didn’t look for a job. There are lots of complications in our relationship I don’t even know where to start.

He told me he wanted to start a company and I supported him with d little I have when I started working up till now I haven’t seen any company o instead he prefers to be carrying people up an down in his car, u will think he is a taxi man,even going as far as taking people to cross the border.

When I tell him that we need to talk about our future he will say Ohk eventually when we talk and I expect him to say something meaningful he will still say Ohk,there’s this single woman he is always with,my boyfriend is always in her shop selling drinks and staying there when she goes to the market, she has a daughter and d little girl is my bf’s wallpaper. He even attends PTA on behalf of the woman.I am so confused, I asked him severally what d relationship is btw him and d woman and he told me nothing, that he is not d father of d girl, he’s just helping a single mother out. And when I talk further he will ask me not to hate my fellow human.

Now this year is coming to an end no job, I really love my bf,he is a nice guy and have all what I need in a man, I just don’t know why he has decided to be idle.pls help me out,how can I make him reason with me and change for good.