“My boyfriend kicked me out because I flirted”

"My boyfriend kicked me out because I flirted"
From a female blog reader:

Kindly post this soon, I need advice on how to get my relationship back on track. I love my bf so much, but at a point I was paranoid about everything in relation to him, so I started flirting with other guys to the point that I spoke to a guy I promised not to talk to again because of him.(had something to do with this guy in the past) my bf found out about this and got super mad(I’d never seen him that mad) to the point that he wanted me out of his life completely. I begged and asked Him to forgive me. He wasn’t even willing at first. Could tell he was so hurt but after a while he’s been trying to make efforts to work things out. But things aren’t the same and I know things won’t be the same in a while. I miss my bf and what we used to be.I can tell he’s trying but he’s never been here before because once anyone hurt him in the past, he just blocked them completely from his life. What can I do to make this process shorter and things get back to normal more quickly? I really Regret what I did