My boyfriend is too violent on bed – lady complains

My boyfriend is too violent on bed - lady complains
From a female blog reader:

I must speak out. My boyfriend is too aggressive with my underwear, he has used all his teeth to tear all my panties and bra in the name of romantic sex. This guys teeth is so sharp that before you say jack he has used his teeth to destroy all my pant, chew this pant like chewing gum and start with my clit. The next thing he runs to my bra and say he needs something hard to bite on when he is enjoying the sex. I have asked him severally to stop acting like a vampire looking for blood to suck, you all need to be there to see his face as he moans chewing my panties or bra. I am really getting scared and uncomfortable, I have tried to call him to order but he says that is his nature to chew something hard during sex and my panties and bra turns him on. I stopped wearing panties and bra when I know it’s time to make love,I just wear my night gown, but do you all know that this guy chewed both the night gown. Please any advise for me? Because I don’t see any future with him before he chews me raw one day . Please it’s not a joke please . Thanks admin post .