“My boyfriend is full of lies”

"My boyfriend is full of lies"

From a female blog reader:

Please hide my identity.i have a serious problem in my relationship.I need your advice.l have been dating my man for almost a year now.But we are always fighting.he always give me rules which he cannot follow himself.last time l asked him for permission to go out with my sister and her friends,he refused.He said he doesn’t like their reputation and he also said i shouldnt go out without him or him going out with out me ofcourse i understood him and i cancelled the program. that was about 2 weeks ago….we stay about 3hours away from each other…so weekends i visit him or he visits me…this weekend it was his turn to visit..actually i was the 1 who was supposed to visit but he said i shouldn’t come;he will be coming this side instead.That was on Wednesday..Then thursdae he called me telling me that he is nolonger coming cause his cousin asked him to acompany him to go see their grandma who wasnt feeling well. I understood.i then called him on fridae and he told me that he did not go…he did not give me a clear reason why they didnot go & l didnt ask more coz i wasnt ready for any dramma….he just went offline just like that and the following day he wokeup @ around 11am and l suspect he went out but l did not bother asking him.that same day we were chating for the whole day and we were cool…then at around 8pm he started saying he had a headache & he wanted to rest but i knew he is saying all that cause it was time for him to go out.i insisted that i wanna talk to him till 12..so everytime he went offline i could call him asking him to come back online.then all of a sudden he said wait wait there is a nock…when he came back online he was like amm its my aunt’s birthday so she said she wants to go out with me.*his aunt’s reputation is worse than my sister’s×10* l forwaded him msgs he sent me 2 weeks ago when l wanted to go out with my sis.all he could say was ,”its different cause its my aunt’s birthday”.we exchanged words as usual and l blocked him.today he called me with a new #…guess what he told me…”ammmm baby i have bad news,i was raped yesterdae wen i was coming out from a club..and my phone got stolen…heee i was raped