“My boyfriend has used and dumped me and my younger sister”

"My boyfriend has used and dumped me and my younger sister"

From a female blog reader:

My boyfriend has been sleeping with my younger sister and she just confessed to me yesterday. I don’t know how to handle it because I have not confronted him yet,still thinking of what to do. The most painful part is that my kid sister said she has aborted 5 pregnancies for him, and I have aborted 3. I feel so stupid,used and abused,it’s like stupidity runs in our blood. Was it his dick or his money or his sweet mouth that made us this foolish because even my kid sister said she does not know how she got involved with him.

What is the best punishment for this man? Should I cut off his manhood? Make him mad or set him up to go to jail ? Don’t tell me to forgive please because this is a very wicked act. I need suggestions on how to deal with a mother fucker,my kid sister is just 19 years and he took advantage of her, I feel so guilty because I was the one that brought them close feeling he was a good man. Please admin post this for me. I need to know how to handle this because he has not found out yet. Thanks