My boyfriend has this annoying behaviour – lady cries out

My boyfriend has this annoying behaviour - lady cries out

From a female blog reader:

So my boyfriend & I both live in the UK & have been together for 1yr now & he has been so annoying & doesn’t seem to reason when it comes to his family. His mum & brothers are nice people & I love them (they don’t use him) but when it comes to his dads side uncle, aunties & cousins he tries to hard to please them & he looks so stupid & desperate doing it. He will go out his way to do them favours & they only call him when they want to use him. He went to collect delivery for his cousin cause him & his wife had to go to work ( they could’ve waited for their own delivery on their day off work) & they delivered 1item instead of 2 & his cousins wife had to guts to believe the delivery men instead of my bf. when I tried to advice him he got very defensive & made me feel so bad. He’s off work tomorrow, I wanted us to go to the gym & spend the rest of the day together but guess what his cousin girl is moving & hes going over there to help her & her husband &. Kids move their stuff. (Can’t they just get a removal service) Can you believe it? What is wrong with him why does he feel the need to help them they don’t care about him & he never wants to hear my opinion on anything. I’m so frustrated & sad. Can we have a future with this attitude of his? Please don’t say talk to him cause he keeps saying they are his family. Seriously? Not to be mean but his dad passed away when he was young &a his dads family doesn’t seem to care about them but he so desperately tries to be around them. What should I do? Please help me. Do you guys think I’m overreacting?