“My boyfriend (future husband) says I can’t have properties in my name”

"My boyfriend (future husband) says I can't have properties in my name"

From a female blog reader who needs urgent advice:

I’m 23, my boyfriend is 40 a divorcee without any prior kids the wife left cos she claimed he was impotent. He is loving and kind and treats me like a queen.
My issue is he is planning to propose to me but a couple of days back we had this conversation about women having properties in Thier names. He said it’s an abomination and a married woman should never have property in her name it should be in her husband name. He says it makes the man feel insecure and he would divorce if it happens. I find this funny because I’m a graduate of civil engineering and I’m doing my small business by the side. In a couple of years I would be able to buy lands and build houses, I don’t see why I should buy all the property in my husbands name when I worked hard for it. This is the 21st century.
Please advise me if I’m wrong in wanting something concrete for myself.