My boyfriend dumped me, saying "abeg shift"

My boyfriend dumped me, saying "abeg shift"

From a female blog reader:

I’ll just go straight to my point. I’m a young girl in my 20s. Growing up wasn’t so bad cause both my parents tried all their bests. As a young lady from an average family,(based on wealth) I was doing fine, plus am a BSc holder.

My problem is this… Luck has never been on my side when it comes to relationships. I’m always the good and nice one. As a young lady,I’ve got beautiful looks,shape,nice set of white teeth, very hard working,a homely girl,with a very appealing manner,and a good cook. I’ve had relationships but they don’t last. It’s either he’s a fuck boy,it he’s jobless,or he cheats,lies anyhow without control,or just want to be with me cause he’s other significant is misbehaving. I’ve cried my eyes out to God in prayer but the case is still the same.

Fast forward to last year,after a long while of staying alone,I met a very nice guy,and he’s just who I wanted. (Cause I like them tall,chocolate skin,handsome, comfortable and good looking) at first he was nice… As in,really nice but much later he changed. I’ve tried all efforts to know why he suddenly changed but to no avail. Just last week, he gave me a rejection edition that I’ve never received in my life. When I tried for the last time to find out what went wrong… He words were… Abeg shift…. Am not interested in anything you have to say.

I’m so depressed, sad and unhappy. I’ve really wanted and longed for a nice relationship. Whereby,we will love each other,be each other’s friend etc