“My boss is attracted to pregnant women”

 "My boss is attracted to pregnant women"
From a female blog reader:

Help me post please.
I know I will get a lot of insults on this post but I don’t mind because I need advise since I can’t talk to anyone about this abomination am doing .
Am pregnant and I have been sleeping with my boss in the office, I know it is very wrong but it happened so fast. I have always wanted to be promoted in my office but my boss kept sitting on it, I tried everything possible, bought him gifts and even went as far as cooking him food, because I was desperate,I was willing to offer him my body but he was not attracted to me.
I kept pushing until I got pregnant, as soon as my baby bump started showing, this man started getting close to me, asking the company driver to take home, buying lunch and getting very close .
I was excited at first feeling it was the normal favors pregnant women get, not until the day he pressed my breast in his office. I felt I was a mistake or a joke. The next weekend he invited me to his house and that was how I did not know what happened and we had sex.
From that day it continued like that and became a regular thing both in the office .
He finally gave me the promotion and we kept having sex. I don’t know how to stop this rubbish am doing because he sucks my pussy so well and kisses my body like am a model even with all my stretch marks, but my husband will never suck me or even go close to licking me, he just use his saliva to get me wet, penetrate me, cum and that is all. He does not even kiss me, but my boss does it all and his manhood is so big.
But he shocked me 2days ago when I applied for my maternity leave , as soon as he got the paper on his table he called me and told me that as soon as I give birth that we will have to stop having sex, that he is only attracted to pregnant women.
I felt so used and foolish , I just walked out of his office .
My conscience is killing me, how do I make this burden lighter on me? It’s like a heavy load I must drop . Help me I need counseling not judgement or persecution please .i know I messed up , please just help me. I will be due to give both soon.