My baby father disappeared for 5 years and now wants to marry me – Girl

My baby father disappeared for 5 years and now wants to marry me - GirlFrom a female blog reader:

I posted some days back about how i was pregnant for my boyfriend and he disappeared on me only to resurface after five years and asked that he wants I and his son back in his life… I took some advice and i ran some background check on him, he appeared clean on all my investigation then i decided to confront him to give me a concrete explanation why he left without a word to me after promising to stand by me. He said that he left because he knew deep down that he was not ready to shoulder the responsibility of being a father and probably a husband at the time, although he loved me, he said he also didn’t tell me of his plans to leave because he knew i wouldn’t understand. Therefore, he left to go be a man. He also claimed to have had his eyes on me the whole time and was sure he’d have me back in his life. Now he is back asking me to marry him.
The issue here is, the love i used to have for him is long dead and i don’t know what my parents would think about us getting back together, after all i have put them through. Do i forget about the past and what people will think and build a fresh start with him or should I just forget about him? Can the love grow back if i try?