MEND is after my life – GEJ denies having links with Niger Delta Avengers

MEND is after my life - GEJ denies having links with Niger Delta Avengers
Former president of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has denied having any connection with pipeline-bombing Niger Delta Avengers militants. The Bayelsa-born Zoology graduate who is currently in Zambia on an election monitoring assignment by the African Union said in a press release signed by his official spokesman Ikechukwu Eze that another militant sect Movement Of Emancipation Of Niger Delta (MEND) is after his life.

The statement released on Sunday, in reply to social media rumors suggesting that GEJ is sponsoring the Avengers, said:

“For the avoidance of doubt, we are fully convinced that such an idiotic claim is too cheap a narrative, a facile contrivance so badly concocted that any discerning mind would easily see through its disingenuous and duplicitous nature.

“We, therefore, have no doubt in our mind that MEND, as a group contracted to go after Jonathan with the mind of assassinating him, is yet to abandon this criminal and ignominious craving.

“It is in this light that we view the purported statement issued by ‘Cynthia White’ as not only a sadistic continuation of this sick desire, but also a futile attempt to instigate the federal government to needlessly go after the former President.

“Those who have been following the unsavoury developments in some parts of the country since the last general elections, especially the ones that held in the South-south states, would have noticed that the ‎nefarious MEND, their pay masters and other unscrupulous elements in the region, have been striving fruitlessly to exploit the ensuing ‎confusion, by surreptitiously working for the fulfilment of its yet-to-be declared political agenda.

“It is our considered view that the statement in question is an off-shoot of that ignoble plan, this ‎time plotting to rubbish and torpedo the ongoing peace efforts in the region,” the statement said.

“We are not under any illusion that more accusations and allegations of this nature would not be hurled Jonathan’s way in the future, especially as his enemies appear to have perfected the act of throwing mud each time his profile gains added impetus and acclaim.”