Meet The Most Classy, Richest African Pastor

A South African spiritual minister and general overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, Alph Lukau, has been dubbed the richest African pastor.

According to recent reports, the African pastor whose ministry is located in South Africa is estimated to be worth an upwards of $1billion.

Meet The Most Classy, Richest African Pastor

MTO’s report on the cleric reads:

“Alleluia Ministries International has TENS OF THOUSANDS of members in Africa, Europe, and South America.

In the past, Pastor Alph Lukau has come under fire for allegedly claiming to heal fake, dying patients. On his social media, he posted images of “dead” clients laying in hospital beds and then him bring them “back to lie.”

Meet The Most Classy, Richest African Pastor

“There is NO sickness that Jehovah Rapha cannot heal. Is it HIV, is it cancer? Diabetes, arthritis, high/low blood, paralysis or back pains? There is nothing He cannot do. He lifted this woman from her bed of death as doctors had sent her home with no solution. Your solution is found in Jesus,” he boasted. Social media swarmed him and told him to cut it out.

The scandal obviously didn’t hurt his career, and he has since become a billionaire, and he is not shy about flaunting his wealth. His works will come under immense scrutiny, and people will be looking to him to share the wealth with those less fortunate.

How does he spend all that money? Well, when he’s not doing charity, THIS is how he travels around the country.”