Me and my boyfriend are both AS genotype and want to get married, girl narrates

Me and my boyfriend are both AS genotype and want to get married, girl narratesFrom a female blog reader:

My bf and i are both AS genotype and we’ve been dating for over 2years, we didn’t know this until it was after a year and to let go was difficult. I really love him and he does too. He makes me happy and i have never loved anyone like i love him. I have tried letting go by avoiding him in all manners but still ,we come back. The problem is i never get a christian guy who is AA genotype, am a christian and not allowed to marry a muslim, the one’s i like are always muslims and if they are Christians our genotype is not always compatible.. i have fallen into this with 4 different i gave up searching and faced my issue. I tried looking for options on how we could be together i mean marry each other without having issues of SS children. I spoke to so many Doctors abroad online because a friend of mine that is a nurse told me there are ways to deal with.. sure I know too and i have an older couple that did the same thing , it only deals with a lot of money .. but the thing now is to convince my bf about it. He thinks its not possible and sometimes it’s causes arguments in between us ..he is a literate too just that i read wider than he does and sometimes he just tells me never to worry about the ish that it still in the future but am still worried. He might come tomorrow now and start telling me stories that touches the heart. What do you think i can do bom? ..u all are my 2nd family.. if there are doctors here that can help me out pls indicate. I’ll dm you personally.