Mbaka: I saw Buhari die in my dream

Mbaka: I saw Buhari die in my dreamAdoration Ministries founder and Enugu Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka reportedly told his congregation on Sunday that Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, who is currently embattled with sickness,  could lose his life, if what he saw in his vision were true.

As shared by a social media user Trezzy,

Fellow Nigerians,there is a problem.I am listening to Reverend father Mbaka’s live Sunday programme.The programme is live from his church(Sunday church service).He has a message for President Buhari.According to him,he has never seen him for long and does not even have his number.He was in dream on Thursday and saw President Buhari sick.He travelled to Abuja to go and see him because there was prayer given to him which was meant to safe Buhari’s life.But the unexpected happened.When he got to Abuja,security did not allow some of Buhari’s relative to see Buhari.He decided to leave because there is no way they will allow him see Buhari since they did not allow his relative see him.He decided to leave.Immediately he was about leaving,some people came out from Aso Rock after a meeting and said that President Buhari is dead.According to him,the exact thing happened to him to Goodluck Jonathan.When he wanted to rescue him,his security never allowed him.He said but there is a solution.