Man sponsors his girlfriend through school for 5 years and this happens

Man sponsors his girlfriend through school for 5 years and this happens
From a male blog reader:

Brethren, today I believe the worst thing a man can do to himself is fall in love.
This is my story.
I’ve known this babe for 5 years precisely when she was in pre-degree, I stay in Lagos and she schools and lives in the North. Over the years we’ve both agreed on getting married and since I was ready ever since, I agreed to her request of graduating before we tie the knot.
So funny it’s 5 years already and now she’s getting ready for final year. As a man, I must be honest I had offers from women all through the years but because I wasn’t the type that plays around with people’s heart, I had to turn them all down simply because I gave someone my word and wouldn’t want to be tagged disloyal.
Fast forward this year, we’ve been on the good note and I was even thinking of getting an apartment so I’ll leave my place for my brothers. Everything was going fine and I was in the mood looking forward to taking her home to mama and sealing it. 5 years brothers, I waited!
Surprisingly last night she said she thinks I was getting too serious and needed to make some things clear. I wasn’t serious when I sent money, wasnt serious spending 2 hours on phone assuring and comforting her, 5 years o. I can almost access people when I know them a little and I can vouch she doesn’t mess around. Trust me I’ll say 90% I can vouch she isn’t wayward. She said she’s found another man and he happens to be her best friends brother and they started courting about 5 months ago. Funny enough she’d given him her words and agreed to marry him. She even had the boldness to tell me I never did anything wrong, never ever but she just switched and her word to him matters. Imagine! 5 years.
As a realist I ask her every time if she was dating or promising anyone else just because I expect every woman to have suitors and I’m not the time that intrudes, her answer is always NO one, even till as close as 2 weeks ago. Chai!
No doubt I’m hurt. I stood loyal for 5 years and it didn’t even take a woman 24 hours to blank out. Many men would call me names I know and truly waiting 5 years without any faults??
For those who are presently in love you probably would laugh at me as I have always done others. Just be careful.
Once again thunder fire any idiot coming online saying thrash about men. Imagine at 30, I can’t possibly go about taking revenge on every woman now. I’m obviously moving on. Feb 2016 is a month I won’t forget in a hurry. Bless you all brothers across the nation.
Obviously I can’t tell my friends this. I just have to talk to someone and that’s why I chose Somtoo Okoye Blog.