Man sends out warning to his wife, says he’s planning to cheat

Man sends out warning to his wife, says he's planning to cheat

From a male blog reader:

Whistle blowing to my wife
I am actually blowing this whistle because I love you and I will not warn you again.
Stop allowing the house help cook my meal,stop allowing her wash my cloths and be mother to our kids because you want to be mrs independent. You know I get attracted to ladies that can cook and I love food so much that I can misbehave when I eat a good meal . I have pleaded with you severely but you keep saying baby I will make it up to you ,I need to close this deal . You know Your first pregnancy was triplets,2nd was twins,and you also know that the doctor asked me not to use condoms again because of my last illness,so I don’t want to remind you that if I touch any woman it might be triplet again. Please please I came public because you are always on this page 24 hours reading stories and sending to me to read and get entertained too,pls I am very serious don’t make me misbehave . Yesterday night the maid gave me serious erection after I finish eating and she went on her kness to pack my plates. I felt like a king . I was tempted to gist with her but I fought that urge ,I tried to talk to you about it,but you refuse to listen cause you are always working .So you don’t come here in future to scream that all men are cheats . I am blowing my warning now many of this silly girls will say I am petty,why did I not call her privately but they will not read the part I said I have spoken severely to her . Sometimes public warming helps