Man seeks divorce after friend confessed to sleeping with his wife

A Nigerian man identified as Mr Lamidi Adebayo has on Thursday demanded an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve his 28 years marriage.

The man, married to his wife, Bose, took to the court to demand a divorce on grounds that his wife had been committing adultery and other offences including drunkenness and dishonesty.

According to Adebayo, his childhood friend had also been sleeping with his wife.

The 48 year old commercial driver also stated that he was never really married to his wife, Bose, but had 4 children with her.

Lamidi Adebayo told the court that his neighbours had informed him several times that his wife and one of her friends were “touring the houses of men” but he never believed the information.

He added; “I was shocked on November 7, 2017 when my childhood friend, named Lateef, a herbalist, invited me to his house and told me that I should forgive him that ‎he has been having secret affairs with my wife.

“He told me that my wife told him that her husband had died a long time ago, whereas am still very much alive.”