Man laments: I was loving her while she was doing this behind

Man laments: I was loving her while she was doing this behindFrom a male blog reader:

I’m a 29 year old male that’s madly in love with a 34 years old female. When we started, we were just neighbors before we fell in love. She really was a very hard person to love, I felt she was only with me because of the things I was doing for her, I spent alot on her, thinking that if I did all that, she’d love me the way I deserved. Only thing she does for me is cook and wash for me sometimes, I practically have to beg her all the time for us to make love. At first her excuse was that she was scared of sex, or I was too big for her or she wasn’t in the mood or her body was paining her. I loved going down on her (oral sex) cos that’s the only way she would orgasm and we had no sex life anymore except for when I go down on her. I have a high sex urge but I never cheated on her in anyway. She was okay with me masturbating just as long as I didn’t ask her for sex. She would even encourage me to go have another girlfriend, I just didn’t understand what was wrong with her. She’s a very controlling and confrontational person, has bad communication skills, never apologizes for anything even if she’s wrong. I introduced her to all my friends and even my family and some of them kept asking why I was with an older lady that kept making me feel inadequate.
Then I noticed one day that she was signed up on a dating site, looking for guys aged 34 and older and I was devastated. Here I was, killing myself over someone and she was busy looking for older guys online. I even got a ring to engage her cos I wanted starting a family with her. And she told me to return the ring. I don’t know if the readers are into signs, but know this that most women born in early February are the hardest people to date.