Man Cries Out: My Wife Is Sleeping With My Land Lady…Yes – My Land Lady!

Please help a confused man. Read and drop your candid advice:

I just found out last night that my wife has been sleeping with my land lady . After church yesterday I told my wife that I will be going to hang out with the boys, since she said she was tired and wanted to go sleep. 

I drove her home and left to go hang out with the boys , but the real truth behind it was that I just wanted to surprise her when she had gone to bed, my intention was to use the opportunity to decorate the house and wrap all her gifts. 

So after few hours of hanging out with my friends, I decided to drive home since I believed that she must have slept. The gate man opened the gate for me, I drove in and was tip toeing into the house in other not to make a noise I followed the back door . I could hear panting and moaning sounds from my inner room, but I did not want to
assume, so I went in, I noticed it was coming from our bathroom , so I went in and saw the shocker of my life. 

My landlady that is a pastor in church was having sex with my wife with a vibrator , this vibrator ladies wear was what she was wearing as my wife was bent to the wall shouting.

I could not even stand the sight , I just pretending like I fainted . I could hear the confusion on their feets as they talked to themselves . The landlady said (let us kill him, cause this will spoil my reputation , my wife said never , my land lady said he will destroy my image ,but I could hear my wife running around in confusion as she ran out to reach for her phone . 

I was still trying to open one eye to see wot was happening when I noticed a dark stuff coming to my face , my landlady was trying to kill me with a pillow, so I quickly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the floor , where she hit her head on the bath and fell to the ground . 

I quickly rushed her to the hospital and reported to the police . Am still in the police station as I send this email . The first thing that came to my mind was break_or_makeup. Please this is no joke. I need to know my next step .