Man chops off wife’s hand for staying too long at funeral

A man has been accused of chopping his wife, a 50-year-old mother of 9, Maria Rioba Musa’s hand off for staying too long at a burial which held at Tarang’anya village in Kuria West sub-county of Kenya.

The woman who is currently seeking justice against her husband, Musa Matiko Gisiri, who allegedly attacked her using a panga on Thursday night explained: “I left for a funeral on Monday at one of our in laws homestead, we thought the burial was to take place on that day but it delayed until Wednesday which caused of the problem.”

She further added: “When I came back home on Thursday I prepared supper when my husband came back home and started attacking me.”

News source, KNA, reports that Maria whose right hand the doctors are trying to save, lost her her left hand.

She revealed that she was saved by her relatives from another village.

She added: “They refused to report the matter to the police, I passed out and only came around to the hospital after my brother’s son took me here.”

Seeking justice, Maria called on the police to arrest her husband “and let him also feel the pain I am feeling and the disability I’ll deal with.”

The victim’s daughter, Catherine Musa, a first year student at Msomi TTC revealed that her mother had been the sole breadwinner of the family.

She said: “My mother had to remain at the funeral until burial because it is our custom, we are now facing a bleak future as she was our main breadwinner.”