“We love each other but my parents say we can’t marry”

"We love each other but my parents say we can't marry"From a female blog reader:

My name is KIke, I’m in my 20s, I’ve been following all your posts and been in d comment session. I’m a kind of person who likes making things private but right now my brain and heart are about to burst. I’ll go straight to my story. Few days ago I read a story about a lady whose parents are overly protective. My dad is like that too so I can relate. He practically follows me everywhere, he even took me to NYSC camp.
Now my story is this, I’ve been in and out of relationships but I’ve never felt this way before I met this wonderful guy. He sweeps me off my feet all the time, thinking about him a lot gives me some of kind of shiver, I’m not here to bore you with how I feel or not with my man but to tell u how important it is for me to be with him. I met this guy in 2014 through Instagram (funny) yes Instagram dm. But then I was with someone so we were just friends till my then boyfriend started treating me badly. He was always there for me to help me with anything and everything but we never got to see then. Fast forward to 2015 we decided to meet and see if something could happen, we met and I liked him even more. He’s so caring, sweet and supportive. Now we’re so close and seem inseparable and even planning to get married but you know we need approval from parents.
The problem we have now is that I’m a Muslim and he’s a Christian we knew this before we started but you know when love takes over you surely can’t deny. I’m now a victim of Nigerian parents discriminating against inter religion marriage or call it whatever. My dad has refused to agree to US and this has been on for a while now. My mum and I av tried everything possible to make him see reasons with me that I love this guy and he loves me even more and can take very good care of me but all to no avail. Now my Bobo is acting different and he’s no longer caring or even the way he used to be. And when I asked him he said he’s tired and not getting any younger.
Dear please help me this whole thing is affecting me in every way. I’ve prayed and fasted for God to change his mind and touch his heart but nothing is forthcoming. Does it mean God doesn’t av a hand in this