Living Ronaldo’s life isn’t easy- Ronaldo’s doppleganger

 Those who know say imitation is limitation, but body double of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t seem to mind the limitation.
  Reports say he has decided to give up his life to look for and work for the Real Madrid maestro,a and in his words, it was truly challenging having to do everything exactly like him. Hear him:

 ‘I have to take care of my body a lot. He is a world-class athlete and has incredible physical qualities. I have to have my body as similar as possible to his all the time, although there are obvious differences due to the genetics.’ Diego told Brazilian website UOL Esporte on Sunday.
I have a haircut with his personal hairstyle, Miguel, and I always have to have my hair exactly the same as his.’
‘My relationship with Cristiano is very good. It’s true that at the beginning of the work we were more distant, perhaps because of shyness, but over time we got to know each other and I can say that Cristiano is a lovely person. It’s a huge pleasure to work with him. He likes to be with me and I with him. He’s an incredible person.’

Living Ronaldo's life isn't easy- Ronaldo's doppleganger
Living Ronaldo's life isn't easy- Ronaldo's doppleganger